Guaranteed Academic Excellence

For Students of Classes 6,7,8 & 9


FIITJEE Global School is re-defining Schooling with its path-breaking methodology and internationally curated pedagogy. We are so confident of our education delivery that we are ready to guarantee the success of your ward in tough competitive examinations like Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE, IITJEE or NEET and others .

FIITJEE Global School Guaranteed Academic Excellence

For those students who are clear about their career options and have set their sights on either Engineering or Medical as their calling in life, we at FIITJEE Global School are offering Guaranteed Academic Excellence promise as a study program to waltz them into either hallowed engineering institutions like the IITs or prestigious medical colleges like AIIMS . Along the way they would achieve coveted milestones like ranks in Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY etc. Students should possess the aptitude and inclination to go for this challenge if they so desire. We guarantee that we shall make your dreams come true. The preparation for the tough competitive examinations of IITJEE and NEET start early, and the aspirants need to be oriented well in advance, before they reach the rigors of Class XI & XII. FIITJEE Global School Guaranteed Academic Excellence Program is available for students of Class 5 going to 6th grade, Class 6 students going to 7th grade, Class 7 students going to 8th grade and Class 8 students going to 9th grade in the Academic year 2021-22. The program is available in the FIITJEE Global School Campuses at Vellore & Chennai. Our flagship organization, FIITJEE has been observing & mentoring millions of students over the past 28 years. This kind of voluminous and micro monitoring of student psyche has given us wonderful insights into the critical success factors of competitive examinations. We want to share those nuggets of wisdom with our student community. The prima donna amongst the portentous insights are lateral thinking and logic building. Developing these, require time and practice, so the steps leading to class XI and beyond should be laden with improving the prowess of the mind.

FIITJEE Global School Guaranteed Academic Excellence Program does that and much more. We try to expand the horizons of out-of-box thinking and advanced learning from class VI onwards. We have devised a methodology that trains students to mull over complex topics and solve difficult problems on their own. The more they dive into the FIITJEE Global School Guaranteed Academic Excellence Program their mind’s processing capabilities increase. Alongwith processing comes retention. After the rigmarole of initial years, the student gets transformed into a super achiever and is well placed to take the competitive pressures of IITJEE or NEET.

Thereafter, within the FIITJEE Global Schooling system the student enters IX, X, XI & XII grades and continues the study, leading to a final selection in IITJEE or NEET.

FIITJEE Global School Guaranteed Academic Excellence Program Highlights:

  • Exclusive special Guidance for Science students who later opt for Medical or Engineering Entrance Tests.
  • Special, Composite & Integrated classes from Class VI to IX.
  • Merger with our Integrated Engineering & Medical respective batchers from Class IX onward.
  • There would be a different fee structure for the students as Cost of Guaranteed Academic Excellence program is absorbed within the School Fees only. However, the scholarship discounts offered for BBE/FTRE appeared students shall apply. This would take care of additional resources by deployed by the school.
  • To add icing on the cake we are bundling FIITJEE Rank Rewards Program for those who secure Top Ranks in IITJEE & NEET.


We are so confident of our Teaching methodology that we can give every child a pledge of Sure-Shot Success. It is our confidence that if your ward follows our training methodology, attends all our classes (barring a few when they are sick or in some exigency) and complete the homework sincerely & on-time, Your ward will qualify in IITJEE or NEET for sure (as applicable). It is our assurance that makes us promise to you that if your ward does not qualify NEET or IITJEE then we'll give you a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh*. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

GAE Norms-

  1. Class Attendance: Child attends each class every day as per schedule with full energy & enthusiasm and absorbs keenly the concepts, applications, etc. in totality. Seek extra faculty support if you’re not fully clear about any aspect of the topics taught.
  2. Assignments: As a necessary follow up, the student does all the homework & assignments on time as directed by our teachers & program schedule. Please do refer to Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology Gold Assignments on the myPAT Tab. Regularly identify and work on the grey areas to make them strengths. Random Assessment Tests (RAT) will be administered to check seriousness & genuineness in solving the assignments. Students must take them with complete confidence, as they are nothing but a collection of the problems they’ve successfully solved in their assignments. These are the ‘litmus tests’ to show definite progress.
  3. Tests: Students have to take every periodic test earnestly and see for themselves their mastery over the topics covered. The consequent Test Analysis Sessions are also significant as they reinforce the strengths and rectify shortcomings.