FIITJEE Global School Co Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular & Cultural Activities

Culture building undertaken in FIITJEE Global School via activities and Team Building measures are listed below:-

Culture building is undertaken in our schools through exciting and engaging activities. We lay a lot of emphasis on Team Building measures as well. Illustrative list is appended below

  • For study, enrichment and value inculcation we would take students to Field trips of Historical sites like Mohejodaro/Harrappa (Lothal), Kalibangan etc.
  • Explore Madhubani district of Bihar for learning the intricacies of Madhubani painting.
  • Visit to Ajanta-Ellora for understanding architecture.
  • Sightseeing to Dakshinchitra for the South Indian cultural heritage experience.
  • We have Culture Clubs for Dance, Music, Pottery, Agriculture.
  • We love the practice of Yoga and Pranayama-Before initiation into the world of Yoga, the logic and importance of Yoga are shared. This makes the students understand the need of teaching Yoga. Yoga teachers are appointed from the very best Yogic gurukulas. The school urges all students to practice Yoga as a daily routine.
  • We have a fully functional Mechanical Club. Our Mechanics Club is modelled from the best practices of US Schools.
  • Bus Quiz/Assignment- While commuting from Home to School, FIITJEE Global School students would be engaged through quizzes to enrich their commute. Winners would be acknowledged on digital leader boards in school, water dispensers etc. Questions would be from historical or any interesting subject that is beamed in the bus for that particular day. E.g. Mahabharata, Ramayana, Panchtantra etc.
  • If your child says No to the above activities or clubs, then an activity or club of his or her choice would be envisaged and incorporated in the Co-curricular plan.

Civic Sense & Discipline

  • We are committed to the inculcation of Civic Sense in its students. We aim to achieve this vide our Clubs and societies like Benevolence Box, Maha Yoga Club, Panini Pilgrims, etc.
  • Promote the ideal values like Swachta, Sewa, Nyay and Etiquette Club “Mind Your Ps and Qs”. This would make the students responsible citizens.
  • We want to foster the Right Attitude to learning. This would make FIITJEE Global School students learn better and faster.
  • We provide Drama exposure via Dramatics Society.
  • Nurture and Exchange talent through Inter School events. We would participate in both state level and national inter school events.