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Welcome to the world of FIITJEE Global Schools’ KIDUS OPTIMUS, a truly transformative place where the youngest children get to learn, explore and develop their innate skills. The nomenclature of our Early childhood education brand KIDUS OPTIMUS has a deeper meaning, beneath the veneer of the obvious references to Kids and Optimism.

The connotation of KIDUS is the "Blessed one" or “One that is Pure”. Its origins can be traced back to the "Ethiopian Culture". It deeply signifies the divine purity of the innocent souls of children. OPTIMUS comes from Latin, which means "The Best." It also denotes maximization & optimization of potential i.e. complete transformation and metamorphosis of the self.

At KIDUS OPTIMUS, the youngest children are able to embrace their natural curiosity and identify their drive to learn.

KIDUS OPTIMUS nurtures young children in the finest and most immaculate ways that have never been implemented in India. Our unique methodologies make children mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually more powerful, ambitious and confident. Young children are easily able to comprehend theory, create meaning, and to understand a complex and multifaceted world. At FIITJEE Global School’s Early childhood/Kindergarten section, we scaffold joyful exploration to take kids’ learning even deeper. Through rich open-ended experience and reflection, our young kids develop into resourceful, curious and resilient adults. We look forward to sharing our unique and enchanted creation with you.


In these pandemic times we don’t want children to suffer or waste their precious years wating for regular schooling to commence. FIIJEE Global School is launching a Special Doorstep Schooling Program under its kindergarten brand KIDUS OPTIMUS. This program is aimed at providing a unique concept & methodology to the Kindergarteners & Early Childhood kids. Under this program of Doorstep Schooling, we are offering Remote, Online & Hybrid Schooling to all the children from Nursery to Grade II.

We'll send specially designed kits to the students for their overall development and to engage them in innovative education through these kits using online as well as offline methods.

Salient features:

  • Provisioning of innovative Learning Kits, DIY, Learning Toys and Activity Box at the Child’s home.
  • Online explanation and corroboration of supplied educational Kits by Early Childhood Specialists.
  • Real-time support & Full Online teaching from curated teachers from all across India & some from abroad.
  • Fully functional schooling & teaching with 360-degree activity will commence once the Department of Education allows normal school operations.

What Will the children Get?

3600 Learning Prime Box

360 Degree Learning Prime Box

A complete set of educational DIY tools, kits, learning-toy-aids, props, activity sheets & books would be delivered every month. The Prime box would engage, amuse & develop the left-right brain segments of children, improve their dexterity & motor skills and foster learning in fun-filled innovative ways. There are over 10 kits in the entire curriculum and at the beginning of each month one Prime box shall be sent. It is worth noting that all the kits would be sanitized, and the deliveries shall be contactless.

Learning @ Home

Learning @ Home

Online support for kit usage and full-blown teaching from expert Kindergarten & Early Childhood specialists. Educators from all across the country and a few from International destinations would teach the little children via Video conferencing and other online tools. Each item, toy, worksheet or project in the Prime Box would be explained to the parents & children, in thorough detail. From the comfort & safety of their homes, children can partake in the learning process with step-by-step handholding from the specialized faculty.

Individual Development

Individual Development

Focus on individualized development of every child on board with child-specific need addressal by the faculty and management of KIDUS Optimus. The age-appropriate level achievement in academics and co-curriculars would be provided such that the child gets promoted to the next grade, on course completion. Continual monitoring, assessment and learning checks would be done such that children’s comprehension, absorption & application levels can be accurately ascertained. Adequate corrective measures would be taken for their smooth transition into the next class.

Special Offer of Admissions

With a micro-focus on pre-schooling and Early Childhood Education and in synchronization with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP), we are opening Admissions for the upcoming academic year 2021-22 for our Kindergarten School, for Classes Pre KG - II.

For KIDUS OPTIMUS admissions, as a goodwill gesture, we are not charging anything from our parents for the current academic year 2020-21 and the fee collected shall be for the next academic year of 2021-22. For the balance period of academic year 2020-21 we are extending our Doorstep Schooling free of any charge. Such a thing has never ever been done before!

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Detailed Information about Kidus Optimus

  • In our endeavour to enable children to discover themselves, we utilize the latest technology to facilitate learning. Our technologically enhanced solutions for students, educators and parents, build a conducive learning environment. All classrooms are equipped with digitally enabled boards to create engaging and informative learning daily. Digital classrooms give teachers the resources they need to creatively impart learning to students. This helps them inculcate interest and be interactive in class. Technology in class at these early years not only promotes active play, but also develops digital skills along with encouraging creativity amongst the children, which is also a cornerstone in the new education policy. Additionally, technology gives teachers the ability to design unique learning settings for children. This is because the use of technical devices allows teachers to bring fresh resources into the classroom and provide children with a much more interactive experience by using apps or quizzes, online.
  • DISCOVER GREAT CONNECTIONS WITH OUR STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM- While your child is at our school, you don’t need to miss a single precious moment. Get real-time updates, circulars, regular homework and class work, photos, and videos of every precious moment through our portal application.