FIITJEE Global School Kidus OptimusFIITJEE Global School Kidus Optimus


Welcome to the world of FIITJEE Global Schools’ KIDUS OPTIMUS, a truly transformative place where the youngest children get to learn, explore and develop their innate skills. The nomenclature of our Early childhood education brand KIDUS OPTIMUS has a deeper meaning, beneath the veneer of the obvious references to Kids and Optimism.

The connotation of KIDUS is the "Blessed one" or “One that is Pure”. Its origins can be traced back to the "Ethiopian Culture". It deeply signifies the divine purity of the innocent souls of children. OPTIMUS comes from Latin, which means "The Best." It also denotes maximization & optimization of potential i.e. complete transformation and metamorphosis of the self.

At KIDUS OPTIMUS, the youngest children can embrace their natural curiosity and identify their drive to learn. KIDUS OPTIMUS nurtures young children in the finest and most immaculate ways that have never been implemented in India. Our unique methodologies make children mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually more powerful, ambitious and confident. Young children are easily able to comprehend theory, create meaning, and to understand a complex and multifaceted world. At FIITJEE Global School’s Early childhood/Kindergarten section, we scaffold joyful exploration to take kids’ learning even deeper. Through rich open-ended experience and reflection, our young kids develop into resourceful, curious and resilient adults. We look forward to sharing our unique and enchanted creation with you.