Kaizen Program

“Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.”

FIITJEE Global School’s holistic and profound philosophy is based on six pillars encompassing all aspects of life that transform an individual into a well-rounded personality. “Communication,” one of the pillars, is the human connection that is the key to personal and career success. We at FIITJEE Global School give immense importance to the all-round development of communication capabilities by honing the communicative skills and personality of students.

The pursuit of excellence in communication is named KAIZEN: a true Japanese development philosophy that is composed of two words, kai 改, and zen 善 which means "change" and "better." In other words, continuous improvement, or a constant change for the better.

KAIZEN in our School is a well-orchestrated framework that will propel students to explore the limitless possibilities of their communication potential and grow as confident communicators of distinction.

With a view to executing our commitment towards enhancing the potential and talent of each child, the fundamental dimension focuses on the four key components of communication: The receptive skills of Listening & Reading and the productive skills of Speaking & Writing. The other dimension focuses on relational and bilateral communication skills including public speaking, Recitation, Debating, Group discussions and Forums.

Concurrently, FIITJEE Global School pledges to instil in and nurture the Indian cultural values among students. Admiration and celebration of our multifarious cultures is the key to world peace. VALUE KAIZEN aims to help students understand the essence of our cultural roots and values. Projects undertaken in VALUE KAIZEN focus on creating awareness among students of brotherhood, tolerance, charity, benevolence, and co-existence.

At the same time, ATTITUDE KAIZEN focuses on nurturing a winning attitude among the students. Feeding the mind with positive thoughts can yield amazing outcomes. Optimistic thinking clears negative thoughts and helps students see the world in a new light. ATTITUDE KAIZEN help students take up new challenges head-on and come out of their self-limiting beliefs, which will let them execute their functions most effectively.


Our aim is to equip students with the necessary skills to communicate with clarity, coherence, and confidence, both in written and spoken forms. By nurturing their critical thinking and research abilities, we seek to ignite a passion for intellectual exploration and encourage students to engage in meaningful conversations that transcend the boundaries of the classroom. Through these activities, we strive to cultivate in our students the invaluable capacity to articulate their unique voices, fostering personal growth, self-assurance, and the development of lifelong communication skills that will serve them in their academic and professional pursuits. Ultimately, our objective is to empower our school students to become influential communicators who can contribute positively to their communities and make a lasting impact in an ever-evolving world.


Our mission is to cultivate within our students a deep reverence for the power of language, equipping them with the tools to craft thought-provoking essays and deliver compelling speeches that captivate hearts and minds. Through rigorous instruction and guided practice, we endeavor to nurture critical thinking, research acumen, and eloquence in our students, enabling them to become transformative agents of positive change in their academic pursuits and beyond.


We envision a school where students are bestowed with the divine ability to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and arguments in a manner that is both eloquent and compelling. This vision embraces an environment where students' voices resonate with celestial grace, creating an atmosphere of intellectual harmony and profound understanding within our school community. We aspire to foster a sacred space where students engage in enlightened conversations, guided by the wisdom and knowledge acquired through their education, inspiring personal growth and fostering positive transformation within our school and beyond.

Topics of kaizen activities for AY 2023-24

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. G - 20

3. Chandrayaan 3

Topics of kaizen activities and their achievements:

1. Pongal

The program conducted on Pongal aimed to educate students about the rich cultural heritage and traditions associated with this harvest festival.

The program helped students develop a deeper appreciation for their cultural roots and fostered a sense of unity and pride among them.

2. International conflicts between two countries:

The program on international conflicts provided students with a platform to research and analyze complex geopolitical issues. Students delved into the historical background, political dynamics, and socio-economic impacts of conflicts between nations.

The program not only enhanced their knowledge of global affairs but also nurtured critical thinking, empathy, and diplomacy skills among the students.

3. Time management:

The program on time management aimed to equip students with essential organizational skills and strategies to effectively manage their time. Students learned about setting priorities, creating schedules, and overcoming procrastination.

The program resulted in students becoming more disciplined, focused, and efficient in their daily routines.

4. Health care:

The program on healthcare focused on raising awareness about various health-related issues and promoting healthy lifestyles among students. Students explored topics such as nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, and disease prevention. They actively participated in fitness challenges, health campaigns, and informative presentations.

As a result, students gained a better understanding of the importance of maintaining good health and adopted healthier habits, contributing to their overall well-being.

5. Apple's success story:

The program on Apple's success story provided students with insights into the journey and achievements of one of the world's most renowned technology companies. Students studied the innovative products, marketing strategies, and leadership principles that have contributed to Apple's success. They presented their research findings, analyzed case studies, and engaged in discussions on the impact of Apple's products on society.

The program inspired students to think creatively, embrace innovation, and recognize the importance of perseverance in achieving their goals.

6. Acumen of Google CEOs:

The program on the acumen of Google CEOs delved into the leadership styles, vision, and business strategies employed by the chief executives of Google. Students explored the success stories of prominent Google CEOs, such as Larry Page and Sundar Pichai, and examined their contributions to the growth and global influence of the company. Through presentations and interactive sessions, students honed their understanding of effective leadership, strategic decision-making, and the role of technology in shaping the future.

The program inspired students to develop their leadership potential and envision themselves as catalysts of change in the digital era.

Overall, these programs provided students with valuable knowledge, skills, and perspectives on a diverse range of topics. The achievements of the students were evident in their enhanced understanding, critical thinking abilities, and practical application of the learned concepts. Students demonstrated creativity, empathy, and leadership potential, reflecting their growth and development through active participation in these enriching programs.

Dear Parents and Students, Kaizen App is Going Live Soon – Transforming Education. Get ready to Explore, Engage, and Excel!

SME Session

The students enjoyed the celestial experience in the Subject Matter Expert Session conducted by Mr. Preetham, our renowned Astronomy Teacher, during the third week of December 2023. The session took our students in Grades 3 to 9 on a fascinating journey through the cosmos, exploring topics such as "India's Odyssey to the Moon" and "The Enigma of the Moon: Unraveling Mysteries through Chandrayaan-3." From the early missions to the triumphs of recent years, students gained a deeper appreciation for the nation's remarkable journey to the Moon, leaving our students inspired and curious about the wonders of space.

SME Sessions

Kaizen and FGS Philosophy

Kaizen activities, encompassing TEDc Talks and essay writing, are intricately connected to our school's three core pillars: Developing Effective Communication Skills, Living the Culture to inculcate the right value system and high EQ, and Developing a Winning Attitude essential for success.

The pursuit of developing effective communication skills through Kaizen activities sets the stage for our students to become articulate, persuasive, and impactful communicators. These activities provide them with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas with eloquence, clarity, and precision, fostering the growth of their oratory prowess and written expression. By refining their communication abilities, students gain a powerful tool that enables them to convey their messages, influence others, and articulate their vision with captivating articulation.

Living the culture to inculcate the right value system and high EQ lies at the heart of Kaizen activities. Through TEDc Talks and essay writing, students are encouraged to explore topics that align with our school's core values, ethics, and principles. They delve into subjects that promote empathy, compassion, and inclusivity, nurturing their emotional intelligence and understanding of diverse perspectives. These activities serve as a platform for students to internalize and practice values such as integrity, respect, and empathy, fostering a culture of inclusivity and ethical behavior.

Moreover, Kaizen activities are instrumental in developing a winning attitude essential for success. Students are encouraged to embrace challenges, push boundaries, and overcome obstacles through their participation in TEDc Talks and essay writing. These activities foster a growth mindset, instilling in students the belief that with perseverance, dedication, and a positive attitude, they can achieve greatness. By showcasing their ideas, engaging in critical thinking, and seeking innovative solutions, students develop resilience, self-confidence, and the drive to excel, equipping them with the winning attitude required to navigate the path to success.

In essence, Kaizen activities, comprising TEDc Talks and essay writing, serve as catalysts for our students' holistic development. They not only hone their communication skills, but also nurture a strong value system and emotional intelligence while instilling in them the winning attitude necessary for lifelong success.

EDIFY (Driving the communication revolution)

EIDFY is a guided self-exploration activity for students to develop their communication skills. Under EDIFY, Students are given a specific area to research and come up with their understanding and expressing it in a discursive manner. For this they are given a specific timeframe within which they must complete the exercise. The topics and activities are carefully chosen every month taking cognizance of their cultural and social significance.


And thus, we achieve our mission “To transform every child to unravel their optimal potential”

Kaizen Valedictory Program

  1. To improve the chances of success, the pace of learning, and the depth of communication through advancement of English literacy skills.
  2. To improve students’ communication skills so they can articulate ideas, concepts, and shape initiatives through effective communication.
  3. To develop students’ oral communication and to enhance students’ speech delivery and presentation skills.
  4. To carry forward students’ communication skills both in classroom and experiential learning
  5. To emphasize to the parents the importance of communication and increase parental engagement.
  6. To have an active approach in identifying the needs of the students and helping them as needed.
  7. To hold periodic meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan/strategies and ways to improve.

Unlocking fluency

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