About tedc

tedc is a platform by FIITJEE Global School for school-going students to showcase their transformation by exploring and developing strong communication skills in front of a large audience.

Communication Credo is one of the foundations of FIITJEE Global Schools for transforming our young minds into engaging, dominant, and charismatic personalities. In the gamut of "the art of Communication", Public Speaking is among the most desired but least attempted skills to earn recognition in social and professional lives.

We have taken it upon ourselves to create a platform for the aspiring student community to learn, prepare, and perform on stage so that they stand for eloquent discourse. Consequently, our initiative, tedc was born with a lot of planning and analysis.

The Programme made its debut on May 21, 2022, at the school’s auditorium, Pratibha Manch, at FGS Vengambakkam, Chennai, where quite a number of aspirants from various schools participated. Their enthusiasm for the opportunity was worth noticing. They also received key guidance from our communication teachers on the essential elements of preparation and delivery of the speech on stage with impact. Finally, the participants took the stage in turn and turned out effective deliveries, bringing forth the learnings they had obtained earlier.

Encouraged by the opening salvo of approval, we staged the next event of tedc at our sprawling School campus in Vellore with renewed commitment. Enthusiastic students of the region marched in on the day of the event, 5th June 2022 in large numbers.  The programme progressed according to the standardised format as the participants enjoyed the expert input on public speaking and then proceeded to practise and perform with telling effect to the elation of their parents present in the audience. To judge this event, senior faculty from the communication and English departments at Vellore Institute of Technology honoured us with their grand presence.

TEDC - National Public Speaking Event

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Unleash Your Voice: Provide your students with a golden opportunity to express themselves, share their ideas, and captivate the audience with their persuasive oratory skills.

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tedC Speaker
tedC Speaker

Below are the Categories and Age Groups:

Sparkling Stars Under 9
Rising Voices Under 11
Eloquent Virtuosos Under 13
Persuasive Maestros Under 15

Event Details:

Date Will announce soon..
Venue: FIITJEE Global School Auditorium, Vengambakkam Campus, Chennai
Registration Fee: No fees if participation is through school / Rs. 500 for Individual Participation.

Submission deadline for preliminary round is 20th July 2023

Topics for the Event:

  1. Makar Sankranti/Pongal Unveiled: Exploring the Harvest Festival's Significance
  2. Diplomacy's Rearview Mirror: Lessons from Past Conflicts
  3. Bridging the Gap: Innovations for Equitable Healthcare
  4. Time is Power: Unlocking Effective Time Management
  5. Garage to Global: Apple's Epic Journey
  6. Titans of Business: Indian CEOs Shaping Global Trends

Why Participate?

  • Unleash Your Voice: Provide your students with a golden opportunity to express themselves, share their ideas, and captivate the audience with their persuasive oratory skills.
  • Exciting Prizes Await: Stand a chance to win up to Rs. 1 lakh under different categories, rewarding excellence in public speaking and fostering healthy competition.
  • Development of Communication Skills: Enhance your students' confidence, articulation, and critical thinking abilities, which are crucial for their holistic growth and future success.
  • Networking and Exposure: Interact with like-minded students and educators from various schools,fostering a sense of camaraderie and expanding their horizons.

Event Structure!

Preliminary Round:

Participants can share a recorded video of themselves speaking for 3 minutes, showcasing their oratory prowess. The submission deadline is 15th July 2023.

Final Round:

Shortlisted participants will advance to the final round, where they will deliver their powerful speeches live on stage.

Expert Judging:

Our esteemed panel of judges, comprising accomplished orators and communication experts, will evaluate and provide valuable feedback to all participants.

Awards Ceremony:

The event will culminate in a grand awards ceremony, where outstanding speakers will be celebrated and rewarded for their exceptional performances.

Please note that the judges' decision will be final and binding.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to witness the next generation of charismatic speakers! We kindly request you to encourage your students to participate and showcase their oratory brilliance at TEDc. Together, let's inspire and empower young minds to become confident communicators and impactful leaders of tomorrow.

For registration and further information, please fill out the form at https://forms.gle/y4WfeAgTWnUeGshs9d/

Contact: 76 658 658 76

We look forward to your esteemed school's participation in TEDc and to creating an unforgettable experience for all the participants.

Glimpse of Last Year TedC

tedC Talks

Grade 3 to Grade 5

Student Speech

Kaviin Siddarth S S (Class II)

Sharing is Caring

Grade 6 to Grade 8

Student Speech

Jayanth Senthilkumar (Class VI)


Grade 9 & Grade 10

Student Speech

Dhanusri S S (Class VII)

Take the Risk

Student Speech

Ansh Joshi (Class V)

Democracy: A Freedom to be Me

Student Speech

G Nikhita (Class VI)

Power of Positive Mindset

Student Speech

S.Jeevan Ganesh (Class VII)

Endangered and Extinct Animals

Grade 11 & Grade 12

Student Speech

S Rohith Kumar(Class VIII)

Endangered and Extinct Animals

Student Speech

T Hariharan (Class X)

Brownie Points

Student Speech

I Timothy Paul (Class IX)

Making Artificial Intelligence Eclipse Natural Intelligence through Quantum Computing

tedC in News

Student Speech
Student Speech
Student Speech
Student Speech

Student Speech
Student Speech
Student Speech
Student Speech

Registration Form

(Only Students born between 1st September 2007 to 1st August 2015 are allowed to Participate. Based on the Date of Birth, Students will be placed in one of the following Categories)
(Under 9 | Under 11 | Under 13 | Under 15)

(Please include the Full Name of the school, Location and City)

(On 14th August 2022, the preliminary round will take place at both campuses. Candidates selected after the preliminary round will deliver the final talk for tedC at Chennai Campus )

File like pdf, word, jpg, jpeg, png etc can be uploaded

File like pdf, word, jpg, jpeg, png etc can be uploaded