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FIITJEE Global School Quiz
FIITJEE Global School Quiz

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The Quest for Intelligence

Any student in the age group of 7.5 to 16 years can participate in this Quest through any one or more of the four channels.

How to Participate and more details



Upto ₹ 50,000/- Cash Prize

AI & Robotics Lab

FGS Prime Scholarships from FIITJEE Global School upto Rs. 17.2 Lakhs.

Mastering Strategy

Upto 100% Tuition Fee of FIITJEE and FIITJEE Medical Programs

Mastering Strategy

e-Coines earned in Levels 1,2 and 3 can be redeemed towards the fee of the Camp or other attractive Goodies.

*SMS should be drafted as QChess1 <Count in digits e.g., 16> and to be sent to 880088 4167

Details and Terms and Conditions of “Quest for Intelligence”


  1. One student should register from one Mobile Only. If a student is found using two mobile Nos, they would be considered technically two students only.
  2. Siblings should use different mobile Nos to participate in The Quest.
  3. By Participating in the Quest for Intelligence, you agree to provide a copy of student’s Aadhar card when demanded.
  4. Correct Date of Birth is the most important criterion to participate in the Quest. The date of Birth mentioned on the Aadhar Card will be considered final for this purpose.
  5. Providing wrong details will lead to cancellation of the candidature and any reward won.
  6. FIITJEE Management Reserves the right to cancel/amend the program at any point in Time.
  7. This event is Hosted by FIITJEE Ltd. Any disputes / Grievances can only be addressed to FIITJEE LTD.

Level 1 – Play to Learn

  1. You would earn e-Coins based on the following formula. “n” is defined as the no of students who gave the correct answer before you. Your e-Coins=500-50*n or 50 whichever is higher. So if you are the first one to give a correct answer you earn 500 e-Coins and if you are the 10th or 100th one, you earn 50 e-Coins.
  2. You would earn e-Coins only for the first attempts. For repeat attempts (even if your earlier attempts are wrong) you would not earn any e-Coin.
  3. It is mandatory to update your profile to earn e-Coins. You would earn e-Coins only for Questions matching your level or higher. E.g if you are participating in the age group 10-13, you would earn points for questions asked for the 10-13 or 13-16 level. If you answer a question of 7-10 level, you will not earn e-Coins.

Level 2 – Play to Win

  1. Submission of Student details online is a must to participate in this level. Make sure you maintain your Reg Mobile No.
  2. At this level, you may earn both e-Coins and Scholarships for FIITJEE of FGS Fee.
  3. An android smartphone not more than 3 years old and good internet speed is required to play this level. This level will be played on an android app. Response time plays an important role at this level. Time captured by the app will be considered final and rewards will be given based on the formula briefed at the beginning of the Quiz. Students are advised to join the quiz at least 10 Min before the actual Quiz.
  4. Any scholarships can be adjusted only against the programs you enrol in after earning them. If you are already enrolled in a program, the same can’t be adjusted for this program/enrolment.
  5. FGS students can pay their future fees through e-Coins or FGS Fees. Scholarships offered for FIITJEE or FGS cant be exchanged. E.g if you get a school for the FIITJEE program, the same can’t be adjusted in FGS and vice versa.

Level 3 – Play to Conquer

  1. General, Level 1 and Level 2 terms and Conditions and
  2. Submission of a copy of the Student Aadhar card and original for verification is a must to participate in this level.

Level 4 – Summer Camp

  1. General, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 terms and Conditions and
  2. E-Coins earned can be used to pay the Camp fee in terms of Scholarship with 1point=1INR formula.
  3. Students participating as Residential Scholars will be provided with a 2-night accommodation in a 3-star hotel with a triple sharing arrangement, Transportation by School Bus and all meals. Day Scholars will arrange their food and Transportation.


Can I directly Participate in higher levels without participating in lower levels?

How to Register for different levels.

If I enrol in Camp Now, can I still use e-Coins earned at a later stage to pay my camp Fee?

What will be the venue of in Campus Quiz and of the Summer Camp?

I do not have an android phone. Can’t I participate in this Quest at all?