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The JOURNEY towards the dream of TRUE TRANSFORMATION has begun...

We are happy to share the outcome of our tireless efforts of 18 months to bring the much needed change in the current school education system. Right from Academics to communication, sports to extra curricular, we are committed to building a Transformative Schooling System, where every child will come out WELL PREPARED for the world ahead.

1st Achievement From Having Casual Talks In Class to tedC Talks (Public speaking)

TEDc - A Jewel in the Crown

"Make sure to communicate your idea quickly and keep it straight to the point.”

TEDc is a platform by FIITJEE Global School for school going students to showcase their transformation by exploring and developing strong communication skills in front of a large audience.

Communication Credo is one of the foundations of FIITJEE Global Schools for transforming our young minds into an engaging, dominant, and charismatic personality. In the gamut of “Art of Communication”, Public Speaking is among the most desired – but least attempted – skill to earn recognition in social and professional lives.

We have taken it upon ourselves to create a platform for the aspiring student community to learn, prepare and perform on stage so that they stand for eloquent discourse. Consequently, our initiative tedc was born with a lot of planning and analysis.

The Program made its debut on 21st May 2022 at the school’s Auditorium – Pratibha Manch at FGS Vengambakkam, Chennai wherein quite aspirants from various schools participated. Their enthusiasm for the opportunity was worth to notice. They also received key guidance from our communication teachers on the essential elements of preparation and delivery of the speech on stage with an impact. Finally, the participants took the stage in turn and turned-out effective deliveries bringing forth the learnings they obtained earlier.

Encouraged by the opening salvo of approval, we staged the next event of tedc at our sprawling School campus at Vellore with renewed commitment. Enthusiastic students of the region marched in on the day of the event, 5th June 2022 in large numbers. The program progressed on the standardized format as the participants enjoyed the expert inputs on public speaking and then proceeded to practice and perform with telling effect to the elation of their parents present in the audience. To judge this event senior faculties from the communication and English department from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore honored us with their grand presence.

FIITJEE Global school fraternity is committed to empowering the communication skills of students

02nd Achievement From Watching Rocket Launches to learning to Launch Rockets

Astronomy and Space Exploration is a booming field that will generate a lot of good opportunities for adults who are children now. Private start-up companies like Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Bigelow Aerospace have started talking about commercializing Astro Tourism already. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, as a part of “The Starshot Project has an ambitious attempt to send solar sails to the closest star at one-quarter of the speed of light in 20 years”. With our current technology, it would take around 40,000 years to reach there. James Cameron is investing in a project called “Planetary Resources”, a company that uses robotic ships to mine gold and precious minerals from asteroids. So, it is a wonderful period in the timeline of humankind’s existence to be a part of space technological innovations and advancements. Our vision is to prepare the children, future-ready.

We, at Skyward Astronomy club, are working with an objective to guide students who are interested in Astronomy and thereby attempting to create more scientists in the field who would represent India at a global scale and broaden the spectrum of the field through their humble contribution. We are committed and are inching towards our goal with many more expected events & workshops.

Skyward Astronomy Club is a part of the FIITJEE Global schools. The club is organised for the educational and scientific purposes, for individuals and groups, the primary purpose is to develop and implement programs designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of astronomy for every interested individual,especially, here in Vengambakkam and Vellore campus and the local community. The club strives to quench a student's thirst for astronomy by organizing various exciting events such as StarParty (a fun-filled night of star-gazing), Planetarium visits, Quiztronomy , Telescope building and handling sessions

03rd Achievement From A School Around the Corner to Top Emerging School by TEI (TOI)

The Inevitable!

FIITJEE Global school has been awarded TOP EMERGING SCHOOL by Times Education Icon 2022-23. We are immensely proud to have achieved this in the very first year of our operations. It is indeed a booster to our mission of transforming the school education and bringing the schooling as it must be!!

04th Achievement From Watching Star trek Movies to Working on & making robots


Artificial intelligence and robotics learning is the future and shall exponential growth in the time to come. Through Robotitan FIITJEE Global School has integrated the subject into the regular curriculum to train the students in robotics and be future-ready.

The Robotitans club seeks to inspire the next generation of great minds by allowing them to explore the world of Robotics and Technology. By using the benefits and resources of robotics tangible to students, Robotitans hopes to cultivate an appreciation of science, technology, engineering and math through healthy, immersive, collaborative competition. Another major objective of Robotitans lab is to lead young minds to see the concept of working robots and to give life to their imagination.

The Club has a defined syllabus for each grade (from Grade 3 onwards). Dedicated robotics periods are given to all to ensure students get sufficient to hone their skills and improve their learning. At FGS the club intends to provide a unique, challenging learning environment that inspires young minds to constantly apply and sharpen their science, technology, engineering, and math skills. The club also encourages students to work on robots and technology for the betterment of the world. We create various opportunities for students to exercise their creative problem-solving skills and combat real-world problems through a series of competitions, workshops, and tech fests.

The club Robotitan has successfully organized 2 summer camps “RoboGenix” for the students of Grade 4 to 10. In the workshop, students learnt how to make a mentis bot and perform various tasks using different mechanical commands. Recently the club also organized an Inter FGS robotics competition “Robo express” featuring Robo races, treasure hunts, and talks by industry experts and professors from VIT on the scope and future of AI and automation.

05th Achievement From Routine Nearby Field Trips to Experiential educational Expedition

Experiential Learning at FGS

Learning has many facets. Knowledge, Understanding, Experience, and Reflection are a few of them. While knowledge of facts is a necessary step for learning, it cannot be the only step. In our common experience, while speaking to thousands of students, we have learned in most places of education, that knowledge of facts is considered to be the epitome of learning. The focus is primarily on scoring marks in examinations. However, unless a student understands, experiences, and reflects they cannot assimilate the knowledge they have acquired through the rote learning method.

At FIITJEE Global School, we value the real understanding of the subjects by the students. We want our students to learn fundamentally with a strong conceptual understanding. In our classes, our teachers ensure that the students are not mechanically taught but are prodded to think and ask questions. We at FGS also ensure that every student is taken through the cycle of Learn, Practice, Tests, and Analysis which strengthens their fundamental understanding. However, we do not limit ourselves over here. To make learning more experiential, we regularly organize educational expeditions. One recently concluded was at HAL and the Science and Technology Museum in Bangalore.

The uniqueness of this expedition lies in its blend of learning and fun. The choice of places to visit was chosen to ensure that it can generate interest and nudge the philosopher inside each student by forcing them to wonder about the vastness and beauty of science. Unlike most school trips, which become mere sightseeing tours, the FGS educational trip to Bangalore was an eventful experience of learning new things.

147 Students of classes VI to XI participated in this trip. They were accompanied by 16 teachers. Among them were 8 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Astronomy & Robotics teachers who had relevant knowledge about places chosen for a visit. While planning the expedition, we were mindful of choosing teachers with science and technology backgrounds. Similarly, extra care was taken to choose the transport. Student comfort had always been our priority is evident from our airconditioned classrooms and buses as we believe that a conducive environment aids learning. With a similar line of thought, we did not want our students to get tired because of the journey, hence we chose the best multi-axle luxury buses. The stay of the students was arranged at Fortune Park -JP Celestial, a four-star hotel. We are sure very few schools will be as mindful as we are about the comfort and safety of our students.

The first stop of our visit was at the Science and Technology Museum. The Museum is divided into different segments of Engineering, Space-Science, Biotechnology, Sound & Music, Fun-science, etc. The relevant teachers guided them through the exhibits, explaining them in detail. The students learned a lot of new things, a few of them were how an engine works, what is the difference between a four-stroke and two-stroke engine, the difference between a diesel engine and a petrol engine, how a thermal power station, hydel power station, and nuclear power station works, what are different parts of an engine, what is a centrifugal speed governor, how optical illusions are created, how biotechnology can used to reduce food shortage, how human races are different genetically, etc.

Our second stop was at the Lalbagh botanical garden. The rains could not dampen the spirits of the students and the teachers. The biology teachers took a lead here and guided the students through different plants, their characteristics, and parts of a flower and got the student acquainted with some uncommon plants. The Latin names were so flying air that for some time we felt like we are back in history.

The last stop of our trip was at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) convention center and museum. It was like a walkthrough of the history of the Indian aviation industry. The students learned about the special role played by HAL in shaping the aviation sector of the Indian air force. The sight of real fighter jets was enough to boost our adrenaline levels. Life-size models of the aeroplanes and helicopters made by the HAL were real inspirations for the students. The teachers were proactive to explain to the students how airplanes fly, the student became familiar with the difference in the aerodynamics of an aeroplane and a helicopter, and the teachers explained to the students about PSLV and GSLV and their heat shield, rocket launches, etc.

The return journey was loaded with fun, indelible memories, and loads of learning!

06th Achievement From Tution Classes For Career Goals to Career focused Schooling

FIITJEE Global School’s Career Focused Schooling

“SUCCESS is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to Excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

FIITJEE Global School is committed to achieving superlative Academic Excellence by adopting the best curriculum, curating the best teachers, and delivering value through innovative means. We want our students to take big strides in every field. We envisage FIITJEE Global school as an epitome of learning, where students are provided with all opportunities to excel in their field of interest, be it in anything like science, technology, performing arts, visual arts, finance, etc.

The landscape of Indian education is changing fast and with every passing year, higher education is becoming more and more competitive. The introduction of CUET is a clear indication competitive exam is going to be a norm for admission to any institute of Higher education in near future. At FGS we believe that students should be prepared comprehensively to face the competition ahead. With our innovative teaching methodology coupled with the extraordinary delivery by our handpicked teachers and in synchronization with our flagship company, FIITJEE’s legacy of superlative success in tough competitive examinations make FGS global school a career-focused school for students who wish to appear in competitive exams like JEE (Main & Advanced), NEET, NTSE, Olympiads, SAT, CLAT and many other competitive exams.

These highly competitive exam requires a deep understanding of the subject and the ability to comprehend along with strong analytical skills. At FGS students with competitive inclination are given an opportunity from class VI onwards to hone their skills and from Class, IX focused preparation for competitive exams starts. FIITJEE Global School has a natural affinity to unparalleled excellence in “Competitive Academics”. Our efforts in Academia would eventually manifest themselves in stupendous results in Boards and Competitive Exams.

07th Achievement From Once a week Sports/Game Period to True Sports training at School

FIITJEE Global School’s philosophy embodies sports as a mechanism not merely to keep ourselves fit but to teach us self-discipline and to lead us to conscientious character building, as we believe “Sports creates character, builds character, and reveals character.” Equal importance is given to Yoga and Meditation, as it is the basis for a great life that has been gifted to the world by our ancient tradition.

In pursuit of this ideology, our Department of Health & Physical Education encourages students to take up at least one sport as a mandatory discipline through our sports club apart from the regular physical education class. It is with a view to ascending the chosen field to an advanced and professional altitude of National and International repute. Besides several routine games, Basketball, Volleyball, throw ball, Tennis, and Cricket are given special thrust.

At FIITJEE Global School, unlike regular schools, sports are not given just a period or two in a week but almost 6 periods are allocated for sports and games. Out if 6, 4 periods are for selected sports club’s coaching/training, so that the students gain special expertise in the game.

Sports imbibe the noble qualities of camaraderie, humility, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and resolution of differences & obstacles. Besides, students also learn how to apply these athletic skills throughout their life. Side by side due care is taken to ensure age-appropriate Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation practices are administered to the students for overall physical and mental fitness and development of high SQ. They are sharp-witted and vibrant to deal with challenging situations with equanimity.

Various Activities and Participations


FIITJEE Global School organized a 2-week Summer Camp “IMPULSE ’22” during the summer break for different sports. The camp had scores of avid participants including students of other schools. The participants vigorously practiced different disciplines and gained wonderful experience and expertise in the games. Yoga sessions were also integrated in the camp. These sessions even involved parents of participants, who rejoiced the exhilarating spells of yoga asanas, pranayama & meditation.

International Yoga Day Celebrations

As propagated by Government of India and endorsed in the United Nations, 21st June is observed as International Day of Yoga across the globe. At FGS, we celebrated the 8th International Yoga Day on 21st June ’22 with full participation of our students in the “Mass Yoga Practice”. The event was a colorful and soothing experience for students and parents of school.

Intramural Sports & Yoga Event

Intramural Sports & Yoga Events was conducted at specific intervals which not only showcased the students’ mettle but also a healthy competition which brought to the fore their potentials and interests.

Inter School Football competition

FGS students took active part in “Sulakshya 2022” for Football and Basketball matches staged by PSBB Millennium Schools in July ’22 as a maiden attempt and returned with rich experience. Lessons learnt therefrom, our sports squad contested with panache in the State Level Inter-School Championship organized by TARGO (Tamil Nadu All Rural Games Organization) for athletes on 23rd July at SDAT Nehru Park, Chetpet, and admirably bagged the Overall Championship securing 8 Medals – 3 Gold, 2 Silver & 3 Bronze.

Participation in The Hindu Sports conclave

Taking due cognizance of our efforts and interests, the publications behemoth The Hindu Group honoured our school by extending an invitation to a delegation of our students and sports teachers to the elite Sports Star South Sports Conclave.

The event gave our students a rare privilege of interacting with eminent sports personalities representing the sports spectrum like Mr Vasudevan Baskaran, who captained India that won the gold medal in 1980 Olympics and Mr Viswanathan Anand, the iconic chess grandmaster. Their joy knew no bounds when they were in proximity with the Guest of Honour, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Thiru M.K. Stalin, whose invigorating speech gave them tremendous inspiration to pursue sports with renewed vigor.

The school has gained good momentum and is poised to create a niche for itself.

08th Achievement From “Nooooo School Amma” to “Let’s Go to School amma”

At FIITJEE Global school every child is a miracle as we teach them to question what they read irrespective of any age.

SHY TO SHINE – cocoon to sky high

Childhood shyness and aversion towards school in young toddlers is a common concern among parents. They also fear their toddlers may lack self-confidence and lag behind in social development. At FGS the school infrastructure and curriculum is designed in such a way that every Child at FGS has a thrilling experience every day they enter the campus. They wave their hands in the air to answer questions, belt out songs during group sings, and are the first to sit down for snack.

Kidus Optimus wing of FIITJEE Global School helps every child participate and love going to School

Making every child comfortable to talk and express.

We Let every child be comfortable to open up his/her thoughts. Observations are made by making notes on how the child acts at school and at home. Important Information about the child is gathered from parents, to make the classroom an engaging and comfortable place for him/her.

Bringing all their interests to school.

Most of the kids fear school environment because they fear new place. If their interests are brought to the class, they will find the class to be a familiar and happy place to spend time. For example, if a child is fascinated by car toys, we let them bring collection in to share with the class. There could be many opportunities for them to talk or answer questions about their favourites. Having their favourite things in class helps them melt their shyness.

Giving them responsibilities at school to feel confident.

Young toddlers feel more confident and happier when they are given some responsibilities that they are comfortable with. They take it very seriously and work towards it with support of parents and teachers.

Let us look into few sample pictures of our children performing these
  • Identifying their special
  • Role play/group play
  • Show and tell
  • Creation of Family
  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Playing Outdoor Games
  • Awakening A Child’s Sense of Curiosity
  • Oral
  • Craft

09th Achievement Hello Teacher App developed by Students

FIITJEE Global School launches “Hello Teacher” App

During Covid, there were ample solutions available for making Online classes and assignment sharing easy and secure. If one solution had some advantages then other had some better ones. Still there were certain issues faced by teachers and parents which were not noticed by developers. Some of the concerns like

  1. Forwarding the assignments in WhatsApp groups. The issue of individual privacy remained unresolved. Though the school decorum was managed by the teachers, but they couldn’t control the messaging by participants.
  2. Assignment submitted by students were seen by all.
  3. Phone numbers of the parents getting leaked was another important concern which was leading to a high chance of receiving junk calls, messages, etc.

Keeping the attitude to solve specifically this problem, FIITJEE Global School, on 5th September 2021, gifted all the students and teachers of India an android app named ‘Hello Teacher’ solely developed by the teachers of Coding Castle – an inhouse coding club of FIITJEE Global School which made a lasting impact in the lives of the teachers, students, and parent.

‘Hello Teacher’ is an advanced communication app like WhatsApp with modifications suitably for teachers and students. When the teacher posts an assignment in the group the same cannot be forwarded outside. When students submit their responses, other students will not be able to see them and get influenced by them. Each group has a unique code and is available only to the teachers. Students can join the group once the code is shared by the teacher. As far as the privacy of the parent’s mobile number is concerned, it remains unrevealed apart from the teacher.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKEZgKeSpns

Teachers can download this app from the Google Play Store and register as Teachers with their school domain e-mail (e.g. yourname@yourschool.com) if the school is already registered otherwise use the ‘Add School’ option provided in the app. Students can also download this app on their android phones and register as a student using their Mobile Numbers.

10th Achievement Pandemic Proof school- uninterrupted academics

A blend of technology and innovations to ensure superlative academic delivery. Initiatives like Lab at home and stylus tablets for uninterrupted academics

11th Achievement Digital Classrooms- monitored learning

Digital Lecture delivery and monitoring.

At FIITJEE global school technology is just not just an infrastructural item but it is a part of everyday’ s learning. At FGS teachers also use projection-based lecture delivery using stylus-based Tablets. The major advantage of this system is ease of notes and lecture content sharing by teachers to students. Students (Grade 6 onwards) are also provided similar stylus-based tablets to make digital notes (wherever possible) and submit their assignments directly to the teacher. It not only keeps the notes safe but also helps teacher comment and correct assignments without the burden of carrying all the notebooks.

Digital system allows the teachers to carry complete class performance in the Tab at their fingertips and discuss and guide students efficiently. Use of various teaching aids like drawing apps, animations, informative explanations of complicated topics helps students understand the subject in an interesting way.

These teaching methods are well appreciated by parents and students.

12th Achievement Cambridge Lab & Certification courses

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom."

Effective development of communication is one of the important philosophies in the FIITJEE Global school. At FIITJEE Global school we have incorporated Cambridge Language learning Lab and communication improvement books in curriculum to ensure it is given its due importance. The language lab plays a key role to learn the language in a more practical and effective way. It has brought in the involvement of the students to actively contribute to language learning exercises and get more practice which is otherwise not possible in a traditional classroom environment. The students have not only gained knowledge of the construction and practice of sounds in the language, but they have also become familiar with the use of English in everyday situations and contexts. Students at FIITJEE Global are also trained for Cambridge certification courses.

13th Achievement Online Cafeteria Ordering/Payment System

“Eat healthy think healthy”

Students at FIITJEE Global School are on the path to total transformation. They study to acquire knowledge and develop skills. They play to develop confidence, team spirit and physical fitness. They also participate in multiple Extracurricular activities and enjoy their learning at school. Among all this it becomes important and critical that they are provided fresh and nutritious meals. While many parents prefer to send home-made meals, some wants schools to arrange meals either regularly or occasionally. FIITJEE Global School has an in-house cafeteria where parents can place an online order much like Swiggy or Zomato and the delicious, nutritious fresh food is served to them just before the recess and if you want it regularly, you can create a one-time subscription. Don’t worry, we don’t charge as high as Swiggy or Zomato. Our meals / evening snacks are served in extremely reasonable price.

Isn’t it amazing? This online mechanism is developed by the coding castle club of FIITJEE Global school. Our students are developing coding and entrepreneurial skill too.

14th Achievement Energetic, Experienced & enthusiastic Team

Teacher Quality Matters, In fact it is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Teachers make a Lots of Difference in Students life. FIITJEE Global school has roped in the best of the talents from across the country. Teachers from North India(Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal,..) also Karnataka, Kerala , Andhra and other places are high Value and cultural enrichment to the Team. Also one of the Teacher is certified Trainer SAT, TOEFL, GRE(the name of the teacher is not publish citing privacy). Every Teacher who joins FGS undergoes a structured training through which they enrich their Subject knowledge along with learning Innovative teaching Methodologies. Teachers at FGS are also trained in soft skills like Effective communication, confidence building, understanding Child Psychology & Student Handling which enables them to be Successful Teachers. Would you like to be a part of this winning Team, to Kindly visit https://fiitjeeglobalschool.com/recruitment.aspx

15th Achievement Kaizen, Communication Building Program for all

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

FIITJEE Global school believes in the quality of communication for determining the size of the result.

One of the significant achievements of FIITJEE Global school is introduction of "KAIZEN” program. Kaizen, which means continuous improvement is a Japanese word. The program intends to improve speaking and writing skills of every student in English language. At FIITJEE Global school it means continuous improvement in communication skills for achieving academic excellence, better interaction with teachers, friends, and society thereby grooming the child to excel in personal, social, and school life.

It is designed to continuously help students learn and create their opportunities in communication, essentially removing barriers that exist due to ignorance. The targeted learning with topic of month it has already helped many students within the span of a few months. Further, it also boosts their morale and confidence to face any type of challenge in life.

The Kaizen Program is designed to provide a series of multimedia presentations/articles/videos to the children and help them improve their knowledge base about the ongoing topic. Kaizen topics are chosen to be real-life experiences and happenings in the surroundings. Thereby encouraging students to learn more about them and present to the class. The speeches (for speaking skill assessment) and essays (for writing skill assessment) are recorded, and children are briefed for improvisation in future. This Initiates a 2-way communication system that encourages students to take equal part during lesson impartation and class discussions.

During the class sessions group discussions, inculcation of phonetic sounds, and stage presentation helps student overcome their fear for expressing themselves freely. Students are given new words with meanings from real-life situations as a part of the program,.

16th Achievement Winners of inter school sports event by Targo

FGS Students won the winner trophy and 17 medals in the inter-school athletics event organized by TARGO (Tamilnadu Rural All Games Organisation).

17th Achievement Vellore wall of fame for talent exposure

Vellore’s wall of Fame contest

With the intention to promote a growth mindset over a fixed mindset of students FIITJEE Global School, Vellore launched a merit identification & rewards contest for all children of Vellore & adjoining areas in the age group 3 to 14 years. The drive was intended to motivate, encourage, and bring back the spirit of the students in the distress time of the school closure due to pandemic. Children were invited to participate in the contest digitally and to showcase their subject knowledge through a quiz.

Winners of the contest were felicitated at school campus and got themselves featured at the Wall of fame located inside the school. Winners’ picture was framed under the contest level and displayed on the Vellore wall of fame.

The wall of Fame was inaugurated by Honourable DIG of Vellore Madam N. Kamini. Mr. C. Murthy Executive Director from BHEL, Ranipet, and Mr. P.Mani General Manager, Tamil Nadu Industrial Explosives Ltd graced the occasion as Guest of Honour.The guests inspired students, parents, and the community with their inspiring Career-oriented speeches. The contest witnessed more than 1000 students participating in to get their pictures featured on Wall of fame.

The contest” Wall of Fame “during the pandemic period worked as a catalyst to bring back the zeal and happiness of students and was applauded by the parents of Vellore and dignitaries.

18 Achievement CBSE Affiliation of Grade 11 in the First Year

FGS sets a record ! Unprecedented Affiliation to CBSE !!

FIITJEE Global School enjoys the rare privilege of obtaining the affiliation to CBSE for starting Class XI right in the first year of establishment itself ! Whereas, as the standard practice goes, schools apply to the Board for affiliation when they have admission of students in Class VII. Based on this, when the students move to Class VIII the following year, the schools get affiliation for Class IX; consequently, affiliation in respect of Class X is provided 2 years later, for Class XI, 3 years and finally it takes 4 years for Class XII. CBSE has taken due cognizance of our efforts in bringing about the School with excellent infrastructure and the concomitant facilities before commencement of the academic session, and readily awarded the prestigious affiliation for Class XI in the first year itself. It is no small achievement and is actually a feather in the cap of FIITJEE Global School.

Our first report card thus speaks volumes !

Affiliation No. of FIITJEE Global School Chennai Campus: 1931410

Affiliation No. of FIITJEE Global School Vellore Campus: 1931411